WildTale Coastal Grill’s Surf & Turf Sundays

Sunday best.

There’s just something so perfect about a Sunday roast. The smell, the texture, and, of course, the taste. It’s the ideal close to the week (or the perfect start to it, depending how you define your Sunday). Either way, it’s a sacred meal best spent with loved ones.

Elevating the concept of the humble Sunday roast is Yaletown’s WildTale Coastal Grill. Every Sunday evening, the casual and cozy dining spot serves up a special Surf & Turf meal option: a delightful roast beef dinner and a seafood skewer of choice.

The roast is Alberta AAA beef, aged for 28 days and cooked with precision: juicy, tender, perfectly pink. A generous serving of the sliced meat is layered on top of soft and comforting mashed potatoes; cooked seasonal vegetables such as green beans, beets, and zucchini; crispy-on-the-outside and creamy-on-the-inside Yorkshire pudding; and a savoury, flavourful beef jus worth mopping up every last drip of. All that, plus a side of either a grilled jumbo prawn skewer, a Caribbean lobster tail, a scallop skewer a la plancha, or a combo skewer of pan-seared scallop and prawns—all for less than $30. WildTale, which was opened in 2015 by the same owners as the city’s popular Flying Pig trio, is known for its seafood, so really any choice here is a good one.

Grab a seat with a partner or a sibling, order a glass of red wine (or two)—perhaps a lovely sharp Argentinian malbec—and tuck into this heartening and hearty meal. It’s unpretentious, relaxed, and delicious, just as it should be. Show up early, or even order in advance, to avoid disappointment, because limited quantities are available each week, and this plate sure is popular. Call it your Sunday best.

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Post Date:

March 28, 2017