Wines to Pair with Fowl

The wine.

Turkey, goose, pheasant? A free-range chicken, or even a capon? The time of the season seems to indicate fowl. We kind of like the idea, since it is out of the ordinary to roast a big bird for a festive feast, the kind of bird that can feed a dozen. With that comes wine challenges, though to say “challenge” is stretching the truth. That truth is almost any wine can match nicely with a big bird roast, plenty of vegetables, maybe a grilled romaine salad with parmesan and homemade croutons. Some choices: Evolve Cellars pinot blanc ($15), almost Alsatian in style with its crispness, but it is distinctively Okanagan as well, with its viscosity and herbal notes, surrounded by delightful stone fruit elements. A sensationally good sparkling wine, the Cipes Blanc de Franc ($45) from Summerhill Pyramid Winery, is a sparkling cabernet franc, which will turn heads, and have people coming back for more, so you may need to have two bottles. It is a delightful, fruit-driven wine with enough body to ensure it matches with almost any food you can dream up.

Paul Mas Grenache Noir ($12), always at the top of any list of great value options, is full of black fruit, some pepper, and a surprisingly long finish for a wine at this price. Or, go ahead and spoil yourself with Sandhill Small Lots One ($31), a kind of Bordeaux blend, of 66 per cent cabernet sauvignon, 11 per cent malbec, nine per cent petit verdot, nine per cent syrah, 3.5 per cent cabernet franc, and 1.5 per cent merlot. To be honest, any Small Lots red is worth trying, and all are made in such small quantities that you want to grab whatever bottle you can find. The One boasts real power, dark berry fruits, hints of white pepper and anise, with a sensational finish.

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Post Date:

December 23, 2015