Winter Wines

The wine.

January. Rain announcing itself after an unexpected cold and clear snap. The Canucks continue to keep their heads above water, if barely, and the new iteration of The X-Files is imminent. So take that bottle of Kim Crawford Pansy! Rosé ($17) out of the fridge and open it while you talk with your invited guests, all the while stirring a risotto Milanese. The wine is sharp and crisp, good balance, plenty of fresh raspberry, not sweet at all, and with some heft.  A perfect first bottle to sip on a winter’s evening.

Then move on to Red Rooster Malbec ($23), another in the small but growing list of malbecs successfully being produced in the Okanagan. This one is generous to a fault, brimming with fresh red fruit, some nice acidity to keep it in balance, and just perfect with the risotto and a roasted chicken. The second bottle can be had while you debate, post-dinner, if we really are alone, or not.


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Post Date:

January 13, 2016