Movember: Scott Rintoul


Scott Rintoul  is a broadcaster at Team 1040 sports radio. He has regaled listeners with his humour and his knowledge of the topics under discussion, and has seen nearly everything as he covers the Vancouver Canucks and beyond.  He is also a play-by-play man, and a football coach to boot, so needless to say he is a busy person. Still, Movember is always something he makes time for. “I first heard about it in 2007, when Rob Murphy of the B.C. Lions was growing a moustache and convinced his teammates to do the same leading up to the CFL West Division final.”

There is also a personal connection to the cause:  “Unfortunately, like most people, I have family and friends who’ve dealt with cancers specific to men.” And in his position as a media personality, a platform exists to spread awareness. “It is the main reason I grow a ‘Mo. Though I’m not exactly a celebrity, if I can use the fact that sports fans recognize me to help promote this very worthwhile cause, I’m happy to do it.” And, like Graham Hatch and Jody Vance, Scott wants to share his message. “Get checked. I’m as guilty as most men, especially younger men. We don’t see doctors often enough. We’re willing to maintain our cars and lawns on a regular basis, but we don’t do the same for our bodies. Getting a regular checkup isn’t only important for you, it’s important for those you love.” Hard to say it any better than that.

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Post Date:

November 20, 2013