Movember: Jody Vance

An important broadcast.

Jody Vance brightens up even the dreariest of winter mornings in her job as host on City TV’s Breakfast Television (BT). Many still remember her sports broadcasting days, fondly, and now she just keeps things rolling with the same aplomb, energy, and smarts she has always had.

She has a thing or two to say about Movember, and for amply good reasons. “I once questioned a man about his questionable facial hair choice, and learned about Movember. This was well before both my dad and his brother, my uncle, were diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Both underwent life-saving surgery. I believe that my dad avoided ‘the test’ for far too long, so these days I am all about pushing the men in my life to be tested.”

Jody has a great forum, on television, and she’s not afraid to use it. “I feel it is my responsibility to use all avenues available to save lives through early detection of all cancers. Both of my parents are survivors. But many friends and family have been lost to this evil disease. Terry Fox brought awareness to the topic, raised real dollars for research. Now it’s up to us (all of us) to help save lives by getting symptomatic people tested!” She sounds determined, and in fact she is: “It’s an honour to help wake up so many people each morning on BT.  And spreading the Movember message is extremely important on a personal level as well. It is a fun way to raise awareness while saving lives of men everywhere.” She adds one parting thought, a highly practical one: “If you don’t have the kind of profession that allows you to grow a ‘Mo, consider stopping in at East Van Inc. on Commercial Drive for a professional shave, part of the proceeds will go to the Movember movement.”  Close shave, or no shave, it’s up to you, but please do participate in Movember.

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Post Date:

November 8, 2013