Mangia with Quattro

Family style Italian from the heart.

It is a Golden Age of sorts for cookbooks, and therefore, for would-be cooks wanting to, as Rod Stewart once sang (in a slightly different context), spread their wings and fly. This fall, Whitecap Books presents Mangia with Quattro: Family Style Italian from the Heart. Quattro restaurants owner Antonio Corsi, along with son Patrick and public relations whiz Tanis Tsisserev, have conspired to produce this lovely piece of work, which holds true to Antonio’s vowed purpose when he first thought of doing such a book: “It has to be authentic, about the way we approach food, think about food, about how food is really eaten,” he says. “We are an Italian family, so almost nothing is more important to us than gathering at the table for a meal.” Now you can read, and cook, for yourself. You will feel authentically Italian, rolling out your own pasta dough just like Antonio does. Like his mother taught him. 

Hamid Attie Photography.

Post Date:

September 19, 2009