The Vancouver Biennale

Biennale is here.

As you move through your daily rounds, you will likely notice some new elements appearing in our urban landscape. The Vancouver Biennale is underway again, with some rotating and some semi-permanent open-air artworks placed strategically throughout the Lower Mainland. The 2009–2011 Biennale brings more than 30 sculptural and new media installations to our city, by artists from Canada, the USA, Mexico, England, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, India, China, and Korea. Some of the highly anticipated arrivals include Yue Minjun’s The Path of God, to be installed at Morton Triangle, where Beach and Denman intersect, and Javier Marin’s Cabeza sculptures, destined for the Vancouver Convention Centre. Marin’s Cabeza Vainilla is pictured above. You may even recognize a few pieces recurring from the 2005–2007 exhibition, donated to the city by the Vancouver Biennale Legacy Foundation.


Post Date:

September 19, 2009