Alligga Flaxseed Oil

The oil.

Alligga is a Canadian company that manufactures flaxseed oil. But that is the mere surface of things. Yes, flaxseed oil is known for its Omega-3 content, and it’s lovely, nutty flavour. But Alligga’s cold-pressing and filtering system, developed over years of research and experiment, now means the “smoke point” of this oil is actually higher than olive oil, canola oil, or grape seed oil. So, you can use it to sauté almost anything, all the while continuing to use it as a dip, a salad mixer, or simply poured over fresh vegetables.

The Alligga Flaxseed Cooking Oil is available at Cioffi’s Meat Market & Deli, Meinhardt Fine Foods, and the Gourmet Warehouse, among other retailers in Vancouver.


Post Date:

November 12, 2014