Innis & Gunn

The drink.

When called upon to help with the creation of an ale-finished whisky, master brewer Dougal Sharp created a unique concoction that would condition oak barrels with a smooth, beery flavour. Months later, Sharp received some promising news. Workers, who surely watched with disdain as thousands of gallons of beer were tragically discarded after the barrels had been sufficiently seasoned, had secretly sampled the brew and were immediately smitten with the ambrosial beverage. So, after an additional year of fine-tuning, this became Innis and Gunn’s flagship beer, the Original. Matured for 77 days, toffee, vanilla, and oak flavours complement the beer’s malt, and fruity hop notes. Innis and Gunn’s other iterations include the light and refreshing Blonde, and the spicy Rum Cask.


Post Date:

March 18, 2012