Solid Perfumes

Travel wild and free.

A perfume bottle holds many stories: tales of romance, narratives of empowerment, anecdotes of sensuality. For the many of us who have carried a signature scent through the years, a spritz of aroma is like a shield, proudly protecting us as we walk into the battle of the everyday; and for those of us who switch it up, alternating between different products, fragrance becomes the perfect accompaniment to outfit or mood, helping us feel playful, sophisticated, or sexy. Whether it be the morning or night, your perfume bottle always sits at your service.

But what about when it comes time to travel, and in particular, travel light? Most perfume bottles are over 100 millilitres, which means they can’t be packed in carry-on luggage and taken on trips to Marrakesh and Tokyo; plus, the delicate glass is at risk of breaking during flight. The solution? A new way to wear fragrance—and it’s not a liquid at all.

Solid perfumes, as they are called, are all about the target. Unlike liquids that can evaporate quickly, solids stay on the skin; the fragrance is applied by warming the perfume with your fingertip. A good solid perfume will have a similar texture to that of a beautiful lipstick: velvety, yet waxy. The formula should be firm yet smooth, allowing you to easily swipe it onto the skin.

Whether it be over your wrists, inside your elbow, below your ear, or simply on your neck, applying the product to pulse points will activate its aromas. Unlike the heavy amount of perfume that comes out of a short-distance spritz, the solid (and travel-friendly) compact provides more control in how you want the buildable formula to be applied. Up the ante to create an alluring effect, or use one single stroke to create a subtle yet lasting impression. For more coverage, other good application areas on the body include the décolletage, the back of the neck, and even the ends of hair (hair holds fragrance beautifully since it is very porous, which means scent lingers throughout the day).

Amongst the most desired of the solid perfumes on the market is Diptyque’s. For over 50 years, the French house has been dedicated to mastering a regal collection of signature scents for both men and women. A standout from Diptyque’s collection is the Eau Rose, which comes as a regular potion, but also in solid form. A marriage between the centifolia and damask roses with hints of lychee, the fragrance is intoxicating and secretive, and can be found at Holt Renfrew Vancouver’s stunning new Beauty Hall. A touch of cedar and honey awaken the senses, sure to mesmerize all those around you.

For something a bit lighter, turn to Derek Lam 10 Crosby. The brand’s take on solid perfume (available at Nordstrom Pacific Centre) is vivacious and sophisticated, allowing you to transport your fragrance in a twist-up stick. Among the collection of scents is Drunk on Youth, which captures the essence of being young and stylish on New York City’s Crosby Street. An unexpected mix of sunny honeysuckle and crisp apple glides over the skin beautifully, giving off a hit of fresh vibrancy.

And then there is Le Labo, born in Grasse, France and raised in New York. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi that celebrates imperfection, Le Labo prides itself on its fresh materials and handmade offerings. A choice for both men and women is the Rose 31 solid perfume, the main ingredient for which is sourced from Grasse. It is a scent alternating between femininity and masculinity, seductiveness and mystery. Boasting a paraben-free formula made of wax enriched with sweet almond, coconut, and soybean oils, Rose 31 charms with warm and woodsy notes, making it the perfect his-and-hers travel accessory.

Although the cloud of perfume that forms from a spray bottle leaves an enchantment in the air, a solid perfume is a discreet individual ritual during which only you can experience the fragrance sinking into the skin. It’s touch-ups made easy for the wild and free.

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Post Date:

April 16, 2018