Image provided by ChopValue.

Giving Discarded Chopsticks A Second Life

As the sushi capital of North America, Vancouver knows a thing or two about a good maki. But what about the disposable chopsticks used to eat it? Felix Böck was staggered to find out that 400,000 tonnes of wood end up in landfills each year in metropolitan areas of B.C. By his estimation, that figure included around 100,000 discarded chopsticks every day. Enter ChopValue, Böck’s manufacturing company which transforms discarded bamboo chopsticks into new shapes and forms, such as this stylish coaster set. Made and designed in Canada, each set of four (which can be custom engraved) is made from 300 chopsticks. It makes a beautiful statement, both in the home and for the environment.

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Post Date:

September 10, 2019