Loewe bag from Holt Renfrew.

Our Summer 2024 Fashion Shoot: Small Worlds

Take a look. Take a closer look. Sometimes you have to zoom in⁠—way in⁠—for a new perspective. In our Summer fashion editorial, photographer Ryan Voigt creates a whimsical world of colour, shape, and detail with this season’s freshest accessories (and produce), all shot on medium-format film to capture the dreamy and surreal side of familiar objects. You don’t have to travel far to see something new; just take a look at the world from a different angle.

Chanel shoe.

Hermès bags.

Chanel sunglasses, bags, and earrings.


Louis Vuitton pump.


Dior shoe.


Jacquemus bag from Holt Renfrew.


Fendi pump.


Prada shoe from Holt Renfrew.


Photographer’s assistant: Keagan Archer-Hastie; Production: Anne Lee; Post-production: Marius Burlan. Read more from our Summer 2024 issue.

Post Date:

June 24, 2024