Anderson’s Belts

The old-fashioned way.

Founded in Parma, Italy in 1966 by Carlo Valenti, the Anderson’s men’s belt and bag company, named after the founder’s favourite English tailor, still does things the old-fashioned way. That means every piece is handmade from natural leathers and fabrics, right in Parma.

The Fall/Winter 2017 collection of hand-woven stretchy belts, on fine display at Harry Rosen in Pacific Centre, runs the gamut from demure browns and blacks, all the way to kaleidoscopic colour—so you can honestly have a belt for any occasion, and make a big impression.

The aptly-named Multicolour Stretch Belt is made of a variety of fabrics—all beautifully interwoven in a lovely pattern—and is available in 60 iterations. Maybe keep one or two in the car glovebox, just in case you need to switch on the go.

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Post Date:

June 16, 2017