Greubel Forsey 2015 GMT Black Timepiece

Black magic.

Greubel Forsey just announced the launch of the 2015 GMT Black timepiece, exploring a new design with a titanium case. The watch is treated with a vacuum deposited deep black coating of ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon), which, in addition to its striking appearance, gives the watch a surface hardness significantly greater than natural titanium.

The movement’s main plate and bridges are also in black finish, and overall the palette of colours is more restrained. This helps to bring out the contrast between the different textures and surface finishes of each component’s decoration. The timepiece features a 43.5 mm case, housing a GF05 in-house movement with a 24 second tourbillon inclined at a 25 degree angle, GMT function, three-dimensional globe for day/night indication, rotating disc with 24 different time zones, daylight savings indication, and 72 hour power reserve.

Greubel Forsey continues to challenge itself, rising to even greater heights their technical and design standards. The globe alone took Greubel Forsey 18 months to develop, to achieve the desired visual effect, and the movement took years of research and development. The result is a unique edition of 22 pieces worldwide.


Post Date:

December 16, 2014