Harry Rosen Pacific Centre


Even a casual stroll through the Harry Rosen store in Vancouver’s Pacific Centre tells you the place is well thought out, with plenty of variety and options for the discerning gentleman shopper—or his emissary, whomever that might be. Some of the world’s most prestigious brands, not necessarily all household names, can be found here: Armani, Versace, Prada, yes, but also Kiton, Tom Ford, Brunello Cucinelli, Giuseppe Zanotti. There is even a fully dedicated footwear department.

Harry himself still comes into the office almost every day, and always with something relevant on his mind. His son, Larry, carries most of the load, though, and remains passionate about what they have achieved, but more so, about where they are heading. “We are very happy with the Vancouver store,” Larry says. “In fact, the Tom Ford people called not so long ago, and said they have never had an international launch like the one in Vancouver. It was fantastic.”

The arrival of individual boutiques, and of motherships Nordstrom and Simons, have not had much effect on Harry Rosen. “We have maintained a consistent staff over the years, people who really know and understand their clients. We can personalize service, and provide many focal points for the gentleman shopper,” says Rosen. “From the time we planted our flag in Vancouver, it has been a prime point of interest for us, partially because it is the gateway to Asia, but partly because it is overall such a vital, growing market.”

These days, Larry finds the demographic shifting a bit, trending younger. “The online business is very strong,” he says. “We are enthused about our newer, younger clients. They really get it. They are more attuned to style and sophistication, more aware of how to dress for any occasion, than I remember our generation being. It is a great time to be in men’s fashion retail. Exciting.” Even with the discreet shop-within-a-shop spaces, the Vancouver store has a natural, expansive flow to it. The aim is to provide an environment in which a person can find everything they want, across several brands, and make their wardrobe flexible, functional, unique. In a world of potentially bewildering choices, Harry Rosen is a stylish refuge. Failsafe.


Post Date:

November 4, 2015