Harry Winston Project Z10

Watch out.

Harry Winston introduced its Project Z series watch 10 years ago, so naturally, the latest version is simply titled Project Z10. As is characteristic of the House, this timepiece is beautiful to behold—but it is also another step forward in technological innovation, and in affirming Harry Winston’s commitment to haute watchmaking.

This piece emphasizes comfort and utility; it is easy to wear in any context, and even waterproof to 10 bars’ pressure. As with its predecessors, the Z10 boasts a Zalium case—Zalium is a metal alloy exclusive to Harry Winston, and is remarkably lightweight while being exceptionally durable. The dial is off-centre, with the hours and minutes indicator raised towards 12 o’clock, allowing the open-face structure to reveal the intricacies of the mechanical construction. There are two retrograde indications: that is, both the seconds hand (at eight o’clock) and the days of the week indicator (at four o’clock) operate to only 120 degrees, not the full 180. They automatically return to starting position after reaching the 120-degree limit.

While not a full-on skeleton, the Project Z10 has an open-faced design—an elegant, graceful expression of mechanical prowess and aesthetic beauty, complete with a black rubber and blue alligator strap. There are only 300 pieces for the entire world, so it is as rare as it is special.

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Post Date:

October 21, 2016