Hublot Ferrari Watch and Cruz-Diez Watch

Very rare.  

Fine watches sometimes beggar description. But we will try. Hublot celebrated Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez when the brand held a reception at the 2015 Art Basel Miami Beach. The watch is called Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez, and is part of Hublot’s ongoing commitment to the arts.

But the company does not rest there. On display at a Montecristo Jewellers recent Scotches and Watches event was a Hublot Masterpiece LaFerrari. It is inspired by the look and shape of a Ferrari engine, and features a skeleton double cylinder dial with yellow time indicators. The watch is a limited edition, number 17 of 50 made for the world.

These are two great examples of Hublot’s commitment to research, design, and technical excellence.

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Post Date:

February 4, 2016