Louis Vuitton Holt Renfrew Vancouver Men’s

Step inside.

Entering the Louis Vuitton Holt Renfrew Vancouver Men’s boutique—the first of its kind in Canada—even just a few days after opening, the place is already rightfully buzzing with dedicated brand followers and shoppers looking to pick up something special. Located on the newly opened men’s floor of Holt Renfrew, the space, which is solely dedicated to the Louis Vuitton Men’s Universe, radiates a warm, inviting glow thanks to a façade of lacewood with gold filling.

Inside the well-sized shop-in-shop, which is accented with 100 per cent LED lighting and rich smoked teak, customers can find an array of products designed by ever-cool men’s artistic director Kim Jones. Glass cases in the middle of the store highlight tasteful and masculine jewellery and wallet selections, while the walls are lined with the brand’s beloved leather goods—everything from backpacks, to belts, to messenger bags. LV League Horizon luggage is also here, as are an array of footwear and eyewear options; and the displays are all beautifully spaced out to allow each item to command attention. Whether stopping in to browse or to pick up something specific, this place will deliver.

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Post Date:

December 22, 2017