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Cloud walkers.

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Considering that wearing a pair of these shoes makes you feel like you are walking on clouds, it is fitting that the name of this local company is Skye.

Boasting no laces and hardly any weight, Skye Footwear designs also have good looks, comfort, and ease of use. And on top of all that is some serious innovation: a cross-hatch sewn-in lace support system; durable, multi-component soles; and built-in rear handles to make putting them on a relative breeze.

Life in airports will never be the same. If you have to take your footwear off at security, this is the easiest proposition there is, unless you are in flip-flops. And onboard, well, it’s almost as if you aren’t even wearing shoes.

The company is based in Richmond, and is fully dedicated to a minimal manufacturing footprint; virtually all materials are recyclable, many biodegradable. Packaging takes a page out of the Muji handbook, embracing the absolute minimal. The technology is advanced, with a patent pending on the non-lace system, called the Loop-Lok. Essentially, it is a bungee-style material that interlocks and arches over top at the mid-foot level, for maximum snugness and comfort. The sole, also patent-pending, has an inner hard gel at the heel, for impact absorption; and there is also a mid-sole arch with springy-gel support, making it easy on the legs, no matter how many city blocks you trudge or country roads you wander.

There are three models, each named for a particular part of the Lower Mainland: the Rbutus walking shoe; the Powll desert boot; and the Lons loafer-sneaker. Whichever you choose, you’ll feel Skye-high.

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Post Date:

August 8, 2017