Alex Thomson’s Mast Walk

Sailor boss.

Alex Thomson is not one to do anything half-mast. He is one of the world’s best-known extreme sailors, both with crew and on solo voyages around the world. But Hugo Boss put him in a waterproof suit one day, and, looking super snazzy, he did what he now calls “likely the craziest, scariest thing I have ever done”. While the 60-foot long racing yacht he was in sped along and eventually came to a hair-raising 65 degree list, Alex raced up the 30-metre main mast of the craft (equivalent to a 10-storey building). Once at the top, he may have had a James Cameron Oscar moment, but he’s not telling. What we know for sure is he actually dove off the top of the mast into the ocean below.

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Post Date:

March 7, 2014