Bentley Continental Supersports

Fast car.

It looks like a Bentley alright, but it is different, too. It has a sleek, streamlined profile and an assertive front grill and lights array—and it appears to be coaxing, if not outright demanding, that it be driven. This is Bentley’s Continental Supersports, what the brand calls the fastest four-seater on the planet, and certainly the fastest one Bentley has ever built.

That is due to the newly-designed W12 engine, which boasts 700 brake horsepower, making it possible to go from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in 3.5 seconds. That is fast by any standard. But this car also features many upgrades in handling: on-board systems read driver accelerator and steering input, applying braking to individual front and rear wheels when quickening out of turns, to accentuate ease of steering and enhance the supercar feel. There is also a stability control calibration, based on each individual driver’s preferences. So, while the performance on a straightaway is phenomenal, the car is well-suited to managing even the tightest bends and chicanes.

That is the part of the car you do not see. As for the cabin, it has a vast array of bespoke options, meaning it can be tailored to each owner. Everything from the steering wheel to the colour of the contrast stitching is up to the customer. There are even several duo-tone exterior paint options, which can match the interior in almost any way. The flashy 21-inch forged alloy wheels do their part, too; and the convertible option is only a whisker slower than the hardtop.

The Bentley Continental Supersports is for the motoring buff, but its curbside appeal is bound to draw a crowd of admirers, too. Keep your smile camera-ready.

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Post Date:

April 5, 2017