Lexus LC

Not average.

Sitting in a quiet warehouse space reserved for Toyota and Lexus fleet cars, its bold looks somewhat muted by shadows, the Lexus LC still makes noise, and that’s even before you turn the engine on. The car is exotic and muscle-bound, and has huge curb appeal. But behind the wheel is where the thrills really begin.

The interior is all luxury leather and suede, with some nice wood accents. The ride is inaudible, yes, but you really feel the road as well, making this a thrill to drive, even in slow-moving rush hour traffic on the North Shore. “I took it for a little spin to Revelstoke,” Peter Partridge, who manages the fleet warehouse, says. “And now I can hardly wait for another chance to drive it.” It is easy to see why, with steering that is supple and responsive, great sightlines, a rear spoiler activated at the driver’s discretion, and all that raw beauty.

The Lexus LC is being marketed with music producer Mark Ronson as the face of the campaign, a kind of follow-up to the Lexus RX collaboration with Jude Law in 2015. And yes, the music system in the LC is fabulous. But you really do not need the extra incentive to get behind the wheel of this baby. It is, in itself, totally alluring.

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Post Date:

June 21, 2017