Sea Ray Yachts L-class

Into the blue.

A nice piece of geographic unorthodoxy, the Sea Ray yacht company is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, a place perhaps better known for its proximity to Nashville and the Jack Daniel’s distillery. The Sea Ray factory is located there as well, in addition to a Florida-based manufacture. The company itself was founded in 1959, by C.N. Ray, who sold his business to the Brunswick group in 1986. Brunswick remains to this day the largest manufacturer of sea-going pleasure craft, and Sea Ray is a shining standout. Now, the company has just the boat for Canada’s West Coast.

The Sea Ray L-class, consisting of the L590 and L590 Fly and the L650 and L650 Fly, are ideal for Pacific waters. There are several different power and outfitting options that help define each of the four models in their base compositions. Even the most basic of these four models is in fact a grand statement of luxury seafaring adventure, full of power, steering technology, and creature comforts a luxury hotel might envy. But there is much more to it than that, even. A lot of what the L-class vessels offer is in fact invisible, but each element is dedicated to making the experience the best it can be. A great example is the Seakeeper gyroscope stabilizer aboard the L650 Fly, which provides stability regardless of water conditions. A weighted wheel, spinning 10,000 rpm inside a vacuum, counters wave-induced motion, keeping movement on board at comfortable levels. And that is only one of many features, all of them adding up to one of the finest boating experiences on the deep blue.


Post Date:

October 16, 2015