Photo courtesy of Andrea Clark.

Finding Tranquility at Bowen Island’s Domed Yoga Retreat

Although this story from our archives was published in 2018, prior to COVID-19, the Nectar is accepting guests for retreats, as well as offering a new online meditation course to find relaxation from home. 

Finding centre has never felt so good.

Nectar Yoga B&B on Bowen Island offers mindfully designed wellness retreats to help guests come back to what matters most. Featuring plant-based menus, meditation classes, and, of course, yoga, a weekend spent here promises deep relaxation to help ignite creativity and energy.

Descend into tranquility when arriving on the small community of Bowen after a 20-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. Nectar, nestled beside Snug Cove and perched at the top of a long, dusty driveway, is comprised of a series of accommodation and recreation buildings and an instantly recognizable domed yoga studio.

Each suite at Nectar has its own distinct vibe and interior design. The signature Nectar Loft, for example, is a bright and beachy cabin flecked with turquoise accents. Driftwood and seashells adorn the shelves and tables. Climb up the ladder to the loft bed to find a soothing sleeping nook that adds a twist of romance to it all.

Photo courtesy of Andrea Clark.

Then there is the geodesic yoga space, which is charmingly surrounded by forest. Inside, fragrant wood floorboards creak as participants walk to their mats. The dome’s mysterious acoustics make every breath heard. String lights crisscrossed above create a soft glow at night; during the day, the room is bright—even radiant.

Nectar guests experience a mix of yoga styles, from strange and energizing Kundalini to yoga nidra, a practice that sparks a deep state of relaxation. Here, learn the reasonings behind yogic practices and traditions, which will help to open the mind and find centre. Leading the classes is Nectar owner Andrea Clark, who shares her knowledge and passion for yoga with easygoing style. Playing her haunting Shruti box, an Indian woodwind instrument like a spiritual accordion, her guided meditations and lessons give participants the confidence to realize what is already within.

Clark has built a truly magical place for people to get away from distractions and grow closer to their true selves. She encourages her students to speak their dreams aloud, calling them into reality and following through with purposeful action.

Photo courtesy of Andrea Clark.

A trip here will leave visitors feeling lighter. Not just in the spiritual sense, either—the food is vegetable-forward and healthful, though still delicious. These retreats are fun, inclusive, and illuminating with a balanced ease. Whether the thought of a yoga retreat makes eyes widen in excitement or roll with skepticism, a restorative stay at Nectar is an absolute delight.

This article from our archives was originally published on August 15, 2018. Find more places to explore in B.C. this summer.


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