Gone to Greenspond.

The fishing community of Greenspond with a population of roughly 400 is an ideal setting for learning about Newfoundland’s longstanding culture. Located south of Fogo Island, this tiny isle is one of the oldest outposts in Canada.

Elements of a standard Newfoundland fishing day abound: cod, lobster, and crab await in Atlantic waters; the consistent rush of the powerful ocean wind requires locals to replace their flapping flags; traditional wooden walkways lead ocean-side wanderers. Local tundra doesn’t leave much room for gardening, but reveals an abundance of Newfoundland berries. Keep an eye out for stinging nettle, which bites at the touch but is apparently known for its vitamin content.

Two storefronts, one post office, churches, and a museum housing the tales of Greenspond’s history serve as a backdrop for the numerous icebergs floating by. Ice fishing is a pastime wherein locals take their boats out to view the icebergs and use a small net to collect the ice chips that have broken off. These remnants are either melted down for drinking straight or used as ice cubes in a favourite drink—this is said to be the cleanest water that can be found, and is a treasured Newfoundland secret.

Photos by Angela Fama.


Post Date:

October 23, 2014