Adult Advent Calendars

Holiday pamper.

The stars in our night sky now appear by dinnertime, and a gentle snowfall comes and goes. This changing of seasons can mean only one thing: the holidays are almost upon us.

For children celebrating Christmas, the arrival of December 1 is noted as the beginning of the advent calendar countdown. With each day of the month passing by, a little treat emerges from its small door, fulfilling sweet cravings until the day Santa slides down the chimney.

But advent calendars don’t have to just be for kids. A handful of brands have been creating luxury adult versions for years now, hoping to spark the youthful joy of the holidays in the hearts of elder generations. Instead of finding that small piece of chocolate behind those tiny doors, you might just come across a beautiful tea, moisturizing face cream, or bottle of craft beer.

The Short Story Advent Calendar 2017

For the reader who loves to cozy up to the fire with a hot cup of cocoa, this special countdown is the perfect thing. Created by Hingston & Olsen, an independent publisher based in Alberta, the Short Story Advent Calendar (available online) is sure to charm bibliophiles with its 24 individually-sealed booklets. Chocolate disappears, but a gorgeous slipcase story will sit on the shelf for years to come.

The 2017 BeerAdvent Calendar All-Star Edition

Vancouver is filled with beer enthusiasts, and because of that, the BeerAdvent calendar is a popular choice. Calgary-based Craft gives the joy of brews with a 24-beer calendar that is available at select Lower Mainland liquor stores. Although the identities of the beers are a close-kept secret year after year, recipients can anticipate ales, stouts, porters, and much more.

As for those who like their beer steadfastly local, get ready for the Snowcase Calendar. Created by Phillips Brewing Co. on Vancouver Island, the calendar will be sure to help count down the holiday season with 24 special beers waiting to be sipped. Expect to find this gift of liquid greatness at both provincial and private liquor stores.

Saje Natural Wellness 12 Days of Wellness

We all know that the holidays can be a stressful time of planning and shopping, so Saje wants to make things a little calmer. The local company has a 12-day calendar of essential oil diffuser blends, from Mumbai Mantra to Bali Bliss; each product in the calendar contains ingredients grown in the place it is named after. With multiple locations around the Lower Mainland, Saje will undoubtedly be helping relax shoppers through the Christmas season.

TWG Tea 12 Days of Christmas

Blissful delight comes in the form of TWG Tea’s 12 Days of Christmas, available at the company’s Vancouver boutique and salon. As you awake each morning to the chill of winter, find comfort in the teas that cradle inside 12 beautiful ornament-sized tins. From a creamy oolong to a white jasmine, celebrate the holidays with festive cups of tea.

Road 13 Wine Advent Calendar

Although the summer months are the busiest time of year for Road 13 Vineyards in Oliver (who doesn’t love tasting wines in the summer sun?), the holiday season is equally as thrilling thanks to the Wine Advent Calendar. Wrapped in red and white paper, 12 bottles will not only inch you closer to the most festive day of the year, but also make recovering from a hectic trip to the mall all that much easier.

Charlotte Tilbury Naughty and Nice Magic Box

For the beauty queen, Charlotte Tilbury’s enchanted world offers 12 days of fun. The Naughty and Nice Magic Box (available at Nordstrom Pacific Centre) is a curated selection of the British makeup artist’s best-selling products, including the iconic Magic Cream. Each drawer is filled with a travel-sized gift, so wherever you are this holiday season—whether it be to your hometown, the slopes, or a sunny beach—Charlotte can easily come along.

Corgi Sock Advent Calendar

A gentleman is not suited up unless he is donning a fresh pair of socks. Welsh knitwear company Corgi is ringing in the holiday season with a 23-day advent calendar sure to delight. Exclusive to online retailer Mr. Porter, the product boasts drawers stuffed with opulent cotton-blend socks that come in a variety of festive patterns. On Christmas Eve, expect an extra-special treat: a glorious pair made of a luxurious cashmere blend.

Diptyque Advent Calendar

The sight and scent of a burning candle is a great way to set the mood and ignite the senses. Diptyque’s 25-day calendar, available at Holt Renfrew Vancouver, features a collection of the brand’s most iconic products—including 15 mini candles in fragrances like Ambre, Oud, Vanille, and Myrrhe. Get ready to be dazzled.

Squish 24 Days of Gummy Advent Calendar

If some adults really just want to feel like a kid again, keep up with the advent calendar tradition of eating a delicious sweet each day. But instead of chocolate, this one is for the candy fiends. Squish’s 24 Days of Gummy, found online or at the brand’s shop inside Topshop Pacific Centre, features a variety of flavoured treats, including Prosecco bears, mystical mermaids, and even the gingerbread man himself.

The hardest part of any advent calendar is learning to be patient. But try not opening up all the doors at once—because the real fun is in the countdown.

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Post Date:

November 24, 2017