Alessi Tegamino

Upgrade your eggs.

Over-easy, scrambled, poached, and fried. Known as one of the the simplest and most nutritious ways to start the day, eggs take on a multitude of forms and can be found cooked and eaten in kitchens across the world.

But just because cracking a couple eggs over a pan doused in butter is easy doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.

Part of Italian design company Alessi‘s new collection is the Tegamino, a single-egg, stainless steel frying pan. Created by world-renowned designer Alessandro Mendini after confessing he had no idea how to cook anything (not even an egg), the versatile Tegamino has a sleek and shiny mirrored exterior that is sure lure in both seasoned and amateur chefs.

Take hold of the curved edges (which imitate the outer shape of a cracked egg) and place the pan on the stovetop or glide it into the oven. When eggs are cooked as desired, simply bring the pan straight to the table for consumption, plate-free. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Grab a few Tegaminos for when friends and family come over, individualize each egg to taste, and make Saturday brunch a weekly affair.

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Post Date:

March 21, 2018