Hudson’s Bay’s Ice Point Blanket

Get cozy.

The Danish term hygge—roughly translating to mean the art of getting cozy—has seeped into North America lately, with The New Yorker even deeming 2016 “The Year of Hygge.”

Hygge is an important part of Scandinavian culture, and while surely it goes beyond lighting candles and drinking tea, those aren’t necessarily bad places to start. Wrapping oneself up in a blanket is perhaps the best way to get cozy, and Hudson’s Bay’s iconic striped point blankets are easily the most quintessentially Canadian iterations. Newest to the point blanket family—the first new design in 17 years, in fact—is the Ice Point Blanket, launched to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday of confederation.

Available in sizes ranging from throw to king, the wool blanket is made of a soft marbled grey and is inspired by Canada’s glaciers. For the first time on a point blanket, the Bay’s stripes and points are expressed in a lush cream colour, adding a supple richness to the calming grey. Designed in Canada, the Ice Point is made by a bespoke woolen mill in England (the same one that creates all of the other Hudson’s Bay Company Collection blankets). So go ahead: get cozy for your country.

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Post Date:

March 23, 2017