Saje Clean Cleaning

Squeaky fresh.

Cleaning isn’t a chore with products that smell this good. Saje Natural Wellness, the popular Vancouver-based aromatherapy company that has become known across North America for its all-natural blends of essential oils, has entered a new market: home care. The Clean Cleaning line is 100 per cent natural, which means the sprays and potions ditch toxins, chlorine, ammonia, and artificial fragrances and instead ramp up the mineral- and plant-based ingredients. From the Dish Wish sink soap, to the Glistening Glass mirror and window spray, to the Bathroom Bright tub and tile cleaner, the collection is gentle yet effective, and at once invigorating and calming. It’s the scents and benefits of Saje that we all know and love, now available for the home.

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Post Date:

June 7, 2018