Salt Spring Island Art

Three galleries to visit.

Salt Spring Island has long been a sanctuary and home for artists. Robert Bateman perhaps is one of the island’s most renowned alumni. Salt Spring’s reputation as a centre for the arts has been earned by the growing number of artists and studios that have emerged from the gulf island and the impressive list of artists who show their work there, including wood artist Brent Comber, sculptor Martha Varcoe Sturdy, mixed media artist Anna Gustafson, designer Judson Beaumont, carver Michael Dennis, and painter Deon Venter. As a result, several art galleries, including the Blue Horse Folk Art Gallery and Duthie Gallery have sprung up to showcase the abundant art and imagination that covers Salt Spring Island. A weekend sojourn there afforded me the opportunity to meet some of these artists and experience their creativity.

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Post Date:

October 17, 2014