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Amandine Sol Botanicals Inner Glow Face Oil

Oh, She Glows.

Amandine Sol Azran was destined for the beauty industry. Her father was a renowned hairstylist, her mother owned a beauty boutique in Montreal, and her brother launched the Colour Lab Salon in Toronto’s tony Rosedale neighbourhood. She was all set to take a different direction—into the law—when she and her family decamped to a farm outside Toronto. Suddenly,  she found herself longing to get back to basics—and help the environment while she was at it. She set about planting lavender and calendula fields in her new rural surroundings and voilà: the roots of Amandine Sol Botanicals started to grow. Her company’s first hero product, Inner Glow Face Oil, just debuted—it targets multiple skin-care issues simultaneously and is an alternative to the over-promised, over-hyped, over-complicated world of skin care.

“The idea of the ‘power of one’ really stuck with me,” says Azran, who founded Amandine Sol Botanicals with her mother. “One product that is meticulously crafted so that each ingredient works together in synergy, with the ability to combat multiple skin concerns.” She calls the product’s specific combination of locally grown ingredients a powerful “Justice League” for skin care: calendula, lavender, hazelnut oil, avocado, rosehip, carrot, rosemary, and lemon. It’s a list that reads more like a Whole Foods grocery run than a potent multi-correctional serum designed to combat wrinkles, hydrate, eliminate blackheads, brighten the complexion, and balance the skin’s natural oils. Both preventative and restorative, the unisex oil can be added to an existing regimen to amplify the phalanx of products sitting on your bathroom counter. The idea is that you mix it into your existing cream, but it can be used solo for the whole face, in particular for that most delicate area, under the eye.

The all-natural, handcrafted oil is made to stringent specs. Cruelty-free, non-toxic, fragrance-free, and vegan, Inner Glow Face Oil aims to be completely sustainable and environmentally friendly every step of the way—right down to the mother-daughter duo hand-picking the ingredients on their farm. “Having the product made in Canada is of particular importance to us for a couple of reasons,” says Azran. “One being that it eliminates the need for long-distance shipping, which is harsh on the environment, and another that we want to grow ingredients locally and keep the product close to us, and to our hearts.”

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Post Date:

July 12, 2019