Sholto Design Studio

Custom craftsmanship.

Sholto Scruton is an impressive one-man operation. Working with architects, designers, and individuals, he crafts custom furniture for a discerning clientele. After working with several different manufacturers over a number of years, including Niels Bendtsen, he opened Sholto Design Studio in 2010.  “On my own I design things that will work really well for one person. I consult with clients and form a laundry list of the practical things. Then I create designs until people see something that they want for the rest of their lives,” he says. “I do whatever is necessary. I build it all myself.”

Building is in his genes—as a child, he woke up to the sound of a saw. “My grandfather was a dentist and a talented woodworker on the side. He taught my father and my uncle. Most of the work they did was antique finishing.” He learned well, and his process is centred on attention to detail, limiting his production to three projects at once. “I typically can turn one around in five weeks,” he adds.

The pieces are rich and strong; Scruton works in walnut and oak, adding details in anodized aluminum. A hexagonal coffee table showcases the depth of wood grain. A chaise appears as though it floats just slightly off the ground. The Emerald Credenza is sleek, the first piece of Scruton’s new Emerald Collection, inspired by the gemstone cut. Clients can customize the length, wood type, and colour of the aluminum legs in addition to specifying their interior needs (wine storage, file drawers, cocktail bar, and the like). Complementary dining, side, and coffee tables will round out the collection in 2015.

For now, the Emerald Credenza is a handcrafted gift for the holidays with real legs, and longevity is something that is part and parcel to Scruton’s work.  “I get excited about the relationship I have with clients. I’m in this business to be someone who serves other people and who delivers something that they love,” he reflects. “It’s about making something, and it’s about loving it for the rest of your life.”

For more information on the Emerald Collection, or to purchase the Emerald Credenza, interested parties can contact Sholton Scruton directly.


Post Date:

December 1, 2014