Surname Goods Co. Boardwalk Coasters

Storied boards.

Timothy Skehan and Steve Bukowski of Surname Goods find beauty in discarded design materials, and have created a business philosophy around the creative and ethical use of repurposed wood. Since 2011, Skehan and Bukowski have woodworked their way from a Brooklyn basement to a full workshop in Queens. All of their materials are sourced locally from New York and its surrounding areas and given new life: scraps from deconstructed buildings, roofs, and decks yield custom products like bicycle fenders, handlebars, and kite winders. Following Hurricane Sandy, the duo salvaged pieces of the Coney Island Boardwalk and fashioned it into coasters. Each set of four Boardwalk Coasters and its stainless steel organizational nest are created by hand, so no two are quite alike—a little piece of history atop your coffee table.

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Post Date:

December 13, 2014