Alberta Pure Vodka

Smooth criminal.

Given the overall fairly neutral taste of vodka, it is considered an ideal mixing spirit—most obviously in the classic dry martini, but such niceties as the Harvey Wallbanger also come to mind. However, an amazing trend towards ultra-premium vodkas—such brands as Belvedere, Grey Goose, and Ketel One—has gained a firm hold on both the imagination and the palate of Canadian drinkers. So, how is an Alberta-made vodka, available only in a plastic bottle, supposed to compete? Not only compete, but win Double Gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition this year?

The answer, in the case of Alberta Pure, is to over-deliver on the vodka proposition: make an ultra-clean, smooth spirit, triple-distilled, using glacier water and Canadian Prairie grain. It’s a spirit that lends itself to a wide variety of cocktails, but is quite sufficient to the task of the ultimate martini, or poured straight out of the freezer into a nice glass and taken neat.

It is always instructive to try three, four, even five different vodka samples at a time. Have your friends each bring one, freeze them all, then do a tasting. In such a scenario, each of you will find variances, and of course preferences. Alberta Pure will show only slight hints of grain aroma, masquerading as risen bread dough whiffed from a distance. It will show a slight spiciness, too, but overall the charm of this drink is how pure and smooth it is, without being completely flavourless. It’s a nice feat, and makes this a vodka for any occasion.

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Post Date:

December 14, 2016