The Beach Party cocktail. Courtesy of Tiki Bar at the Waldorf.

Our 4 Most-Read Food and Drink Stories of 2019

From themed bars to cooking tips from top Italian chefs, and more, here are our most-read stories of the year in food and drink.

1. Vancouver’s Themed Bars

Vancouver’s Themed Bars

Courtesy of Storm Crow Alehouse.

No costume? No problem. These playful establishments around town will transport you as far as the Hawaiian Islands to a utopia of fantasy, sci-fi, and nerd-dom—all beginning with a single cocktail. If a brief escape outside “No Fun City” is your goal this weekend, this is a good place to start.

2. This Vancouver Coffee Shop Just Made the List of Best Cafés in the World

Photo by Christopher Flett/Courtesy of Robert Schneider.

Can you guess which Gastown coffee shop was ranked among the best cafés in the world this fall?

3. New Vancouver Cafes to Visit, Part Two

Ubuntu Canteen

Photo by Andrew Querner/Courtesy of Ubuntu Canteen.

Whether you’re looking for a particularly tasty set of beans, or a quiet spot to get some work done, or a new place to meet up with friends, the right café can be hard to find. Fortunately, this year offered plenty of new spots to discover and indulge in your next favourite brew (or pastry). Is your go-to spot on our list?

4. Cooking Tips From Top Italian Chefs

Cooking Tips From Top Italian Chefs

Photo by Janet Rerecich.

Anyone who’s been to Italy, or to one of Vancouver’s authentic Italian restaurants, knows how hard it is to recreate really good Italian cooking home. Fortunately, during the World Week of Italian Cuisine, we asked some of Italy’s visiting master chefs for help. Among their words of wisdom? Add blueberries for a pop of acidity.

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December 26, 2019