Café Boulud Toronto

A new look.

The Café Boulud located in the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto has had a bit of a makeover, with a splendid, long, brass-clad bar as a centrepiece. This day, only three days after the grand re-opening, chef Daniel Boulud is still bustling around the room and the kitchen, making sure very little detail is attended to. This is his way, whether the restaurant is new or not, and is a part of his long-standing success and international reputation as one of the finest chefs in the world.

He pauses, looks at the reception area, goes over to help the staff negotiate the iPad system accurately, promptly. He finishes that task, then says, “It is always exciting to open a place, but there are many little bugs to fix.” He smiles, seeming to acknowledge that he almost couldn’t have it any other way. Many of those seated recognize him, may even be an acquaintance, but he makes a point of briefly visiting each table, genuinely interested in their dining experience.

The menu has many signature Boulud touches, such as the charcuterie plate, everything made in his in-house facility in New York. New to the Toronto Café Boulud is a French rotisserie, which elevates roasted chicken to dreamy new levels. “You must begin with the best chickens, of course,” he smiles. The menu is compact but diverse, full of interesting options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. Many of the staff moved to Toronto from other Boulud restaurants in New York, ensuring a kind of seamless system of service, both in the kitchen and at front of house. After many years of Michelin-quality success, it seems Boulud’s passion has diminished not one ounce. That passion translates into superb food delivered at the highest level, plate after delicious plate.


Post Date:

October 12, 2015