Louis XIII Cognac

A hundred years from now.

The ultra-prestige spirit from Rémy Martin, Louis XIII cognac, is one of the most famous in the world. In an innovative marketing maneuver, in itself almost as rare a thing as the cognac itself, Rémy Martin asked Robert Rodriguez to direct, and John Malkovich to star in, a film called 100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See.

The trick is that the film itself will not have its premiere until 2115. Malkovich placed the film in a safe on November 18 2015, and that safe will not be opened until 100 years from now. The film will be shown at the House of Louis XIII in France—it’s an event of which the 1,000 attendees have not yet received their invitations (their predecessors have them currently). The whole point is to vividly illustrate that since it takes a full four generations of cellar workers and master blenders to create one decanter of the Louis XIII, those who begin the process of making the spirit will never actually taste it for themselves.


Post Date:

November 21, 2015