Louis XIII Le Salmanazar

Notably special.

A sip of Louis XIII Cognac is a rare and beautiful thing. It goes down like honey, cherished and smooth; its layered palate is rich and bold, a taste known only by those with a deep dedication to the finer things, or by those lucky enough to have friends of the sort.

The French Cognac brand is made all the more iconic thanks to the crystal decanters in which it is presented. Who wouldn’t want such a grand and immediately recognizable piece on display at the home bar?

Now with the launch of Louis XIII Le Salmanazar, things are being taken to grandiose new heights. Boasting what the brand is billing as the world’s largest crystal decanter, Le Salmanazar comes in an impressive nine-litre bottle made by the artisans at Baccarat. It took over 20 craftsmen and a master sculptor to produce the decanter, which was formed from more than 15 kilos of crystal. Presented exclusively at Beijing’s Louis XIII boutique, this one-of-a-kind piece can still be admired (and purchased) from afar, noteworthy for its sheer opulence and detailed workmanship. Those in the know should start making friends.

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Post Date:

February 7, 2018