Odd Society Spirits’ Crème de Cassis

Royal lineage.

Crème de cassis has quite the bloodline. Dating back to the 16th century, the blackcurrant liqueur is thought to have been conceived by French monks as a cure for snakebites, jaundice, and general wretchedness. Since then, the liqueur has been served as a digestif or as an additive to cocktails such as Kir Royales, and has even been adapted for royalty. In fact, Odd Society Spirits’ limited-edition version is based on the secret recipe of master chef Hervé Martin of the French Table—once the personal chef to the late King of Belgium, Leopold III.

Staying true to its mandate of “celebrating individual and collective oddities”, Odd Society Spirits gives its version of the French classic some B.C. legs using locally-sourced cassis berries—a cure for our local rainy-day weariness, we’re sure. Bottles are available for a limited time through Odd Society Spirits’ tasting lounge as well as select private liquor stores.


Post Date:

February 11, 2014