Wine For Spot Prawn Season

The wine.

Tinhorn Creek and its excellent restaurant Miradoro are in splendid form. Founder Sandra Oldfield has been high-need achieving here for many vintages, and seems to going from strength to strength. A great example is the new vintage of pinot gris ($18). This wine has plenty of structure, and will not be confused with the wines coming out of Italy. It has some lovely viscosity, hints of ripe pineapple, and subtle rosemary. A fantastic food wine, and since it is British Columbia spot prawn season, why not grill some of those, add some grilled bread, and there you have it, a rabbit out of a hat.

Two Hands boasts an amazing roster of wines, mostly shiraz-based. The Bella’s Garden Barossa Valley ($79) is an accessible, ripe, abundantly fruity wine full of structure, so its overall impact is significant. Ripe blackberry, licorice, and black pepper notes, with just the right amount of acidity to keep it harmonious and balanced, this wine will impress all your friends as they discuss whether either the Blue Jays or the Raptors can ever truly be called “Canada’s team”.


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Post Date:

May 18, 2016