Globe-Trotter x Alexander McQueen

The suitcase.

The Globe-Trotter luggage company was founded in 1897 in Germany. In 1932, it moved to the United Kingdom, and there it has remained, still making suitcases of the same craftsmanship and quality. Now, the company has joined fashion forces with designer label Alexander McQueen to create two pieces: a 13-inch mini utility case and a 21-inch trolley case. Alexander McQueen has lent its signature touches to the iconic Globe-Trotter designs: silver studs and riveting adorn the cases, the Alexander McQueen logo is etched on the leather straps’ metal buckles, and the lining is the classic Alexander McQueen black and ivory skull print. With suitcases such as these, you really will not want your trip to end.

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Post Date:

October 13, 2016