Disney x Coach

Magic kingdom.

For many young girls (this writer included), there were a few rites of passage that marked the long trail to adulthood. Among them: a visit to Disneyland, or, at the very least, to the Disney Store at Metrotown (thank you, Dad), and the acquirement of a Coach wristlet.

Both Disney and Coach are a large part of the American pop culture discourse, engaging fans of all ages in conversations about art and iconography. Disney may be “meant” for kids, but its draw, the feeling one gets when catching sight of the Magic Kingdom, defies age—and maturity. And Coach, this year celebrating its 75th anniversary, has of course long appealed to grown women as much as it has to those in development, but it has never lost its playfulness, its youthful vitality. So, the new limited edition Disney x Coach collection is something of a meeting of the minds, a coming together of two famous Americana brands for the ultimate covetable collaboration. Launching at Colette in Paris and the Coach SoHo store in New York, the selection of leather goods and ready-to-wear pieces is now available online and at Coach outposts across the world.

The Mickey Mouse Collection features the famous cartoon animal’s adorable expressions and movements, specially drawn by Disney animators, donning classic Coach handbag designs including the Dinky and the Saddle, as well as T-shirts, sneakers, even a biker jacket.

With strong legacies and heritage, neither Coach nor Disney has an issue staying popular in today’s market—but rather than resting on their laurels, they have come together to spark something rousing, charming, spirited. It will likely have both adults and preteens uttering, as Mickey himself would say, “Oh boy!”


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Post Date:

June 28, 2016