Louis Vuitton Holt Renfrew Vancouver

Momentous times.

The plan is unfolding as it should.

Holt Renfrew’s ambitious Vancouver renovations continue apace. The latest excitement is being generated by Louis Vuitton, which opened recently in the new section of Holts, approximately doubling its size in the bargain. The brand’s boutique design flourishes are on display, beginning with the picturesque façade and carried on into every aspect of the internal space.

There are a couple of highly significant firsts for this store. One is the appearance, after 70 years, of a new fragrance: Les Parfums. Make that a set of seven fragrances, actually. This is one of only a few selected North American stores to offer this new perfume collection. The other is the offering of Louis Vuitton watches and fine jewellery, never before available at Holt Renfrew’s boutique.

Momentous times, both for Holt Renfrew and for Louis Vuitton—an iconic brand that never seems to wear out its welcome, especially in the current, heated Vancouver market. But entering the store, the only thing you are likely to feel is a kind of shopping tranquility, amongst so many beautiful things.

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Post Date:

September 23, 2016