Vancouver Versace Boutique

Yang to the Yin.

The short, 700 block of Thurlow Street between Alberni and Robson in Vancouver has undergone something of a transformation over the past few months, with Brunello Cucinelli, and now, a splendid new Versace apparel boutique. Versace Home has been here awhile, on Cordova, and there is a Versace shop-in-shop at Leone, but this is the brand’s first free-standing store in the city, and as such, drew plenty of attention for its opening night soirée a few months ago.

Versace, the Yang to Armani’s Yin, is playful, bursting with colours and flourishes that make it distinctive, recognizable at first glance. That has always been the case, and these days the line is no less vibrant, riding right up to the line between refined and Baroque. There is a fine selection of handbags, belts, jewellery, and shoes at this new location, as well as an array of fantastic ready-to-wear pieces for both men and women. The crisp white décor with classic tiles and pops of iconic Versace gold allow the items to stand out, and yet still form a cohesive unity. It’s an exciting time to be into fashion in this city.


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Post Date:

May 9, 2016