Photo by Kyler Vos.

From Citroën to Porsche to Police Cruisers—Our 2023 in Transportation

In 2023 we got behind the wheel of a Porsche 718 Cayman 4.0 GTS, celebrated the 75th birthday of the delightful little Citroën 2CV, watched Toyota get its groove back, and more. 

Vancouver’s Ace Moto Show Recalls the Late-Night Tradition of Café Racing

Photo by Brendan McAleer.

“After a long hibernation, the bikers swooped into East Vancouver on blatting Harley-Davidsons, pannier-clad BMWs, or small-displacement Japanese stalwarts, no two alike. Behind graffitied glass, the open-plan building hosting BC’s newest motorcycle exhibition buzzed like an art show. And there was plenty of art to see, hanging on the walls, inked onto skin, or wrought in steel, glass, and rubber.” Read more.

After a Devastating Fire, Austria’s Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum Is Back in Business

Photo courtesy of Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum.

“Attila and his twin brother, Alban, were born in 1967, just 10 minutes apart (Alban is the eldest). They have collected iconic and rare motorcycles and vintage vehicles for decades. They are hoteliers, ski school and mountain lift operators, restaurateurs, museum owners—and to top it all, they own a section of the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road, a private 33-kilometre tollway famous for motorcycling (theirs is the section between Hochgurgl and the Austro-Italian border).” Read more.

The Surprising Line of Racing Cars That Gave Toyota Its Groove Back

Photo by Brendan McAleer.

“On a busy street in North Vancouver, a parked car stops a woman in her tracks. ‘That’s what Corollas look like now?’ The vehicle in question, a blister-fendered little hatchback with improbable triple-tailpipes, sits with its wide grill like a smug grin. It’s a GR Corolla, one of the most exciting new machines on the market⁠—and it’s not the only thrill from Toyota these days.” Read more.

Japan’s First Sports Car Still Rides Like a Dream

Photo by Brendan McAleer.

“Seven hand-built coupes, six white and one red, sit proudly in front of a temple that dates back more than a millennium. They were made by Toyota, a brand known outside Japan for ubiquitous reliability, not beauty, and as the country’s largest manufacturer. Toyotas are everywhere, from the Prius that picked you up at the airport to the hand-me-down Corolla you drove to university. Dependable, yes, but deserving reverence?” Read more.

A Highway Pilgrimage to Art and Hospitality in Tofino

Photo by Kyler Vos.

“As we begin our descent of Kennedy Hill, along the multimillion-dollar upgraded stretch of road that’s almost complete, the storm recedes as quickly as it arrived. I am relieved to see the waters of Kennedy Lake glisten in the sunshine. Finally, I can give the car—a 718 Cayman 4.0 GTS—more throttle.” Read more.

At 75, the Citroën 2CV Is the Little French Car That Could

Photo by Brendan McAleer.

“This happy-faced and delightful little car is the Citroën 2CV, celebrating its 75th birthday this year. Part motorcycle, part tin shed, part tent, and possibly part accordion, the deux chevaux is one of the most beloved forms of transportation ever invented. It was designed for peasants, hidden from invading Nazis, and once driven by James Bond. There is nothing else like it.” Read more.

The Crown Victoria Police Cruiser Ends Its Long Watch

Photo courtesy of Greg Lartilleux.

“Unit NV3021, the last Ford Crown Victoria in the North Vancouver RCMP’s fleet, has been put out to pasture, the growl of its 4.6-litre V8 silenced forever. To pay tribute to the faithful old steed, Constable Sahak and his fellow officers made a lighthearted video, standing around ‘CV’ as they would a retiring coworker, telling stories about past patrols. The time you got stuck on a snowy hill. Sorry about the coffee stains on your seats.” Read more.

Hitting the Track With the Women of Lamborghini

Photo courtesy of Extension PR.

“We arrive at the track and receive an orientation that includes a video recorded for us with the Iron Dames, Lamborghini’s all-female racing team working hard to break down barriers for women and girls in the male-dominated sport. Decked out in their trademark hot-pink suits, these bold women have a noticeable effect on the group. Oh, hell yes, we are doing this.” Read more.

The Auto-Racing Roots of Scandinavia’s Elegant Electric Vehicle Brand

Photo by Brendan McAleer.

“This clean-lined, chunkily elegant EV murmurs minimalist Scandinavian design, but the badge on its nose stretches back to a more Viking-infused heritage.” Read more.

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January 12, 2024