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Infiniti Downtown Vancouver and Dilawri Group of Companies have officially unveiled the 2017 Infiniti Q60 and QX30, both of which are new to Canada and represent key bids for the brand. The QX30 marks Infiniti’s latest play for oh-so-hot small luxury crossover market, and the Q60 is an all-new generation in the lineage of the popular G35 and G37 coupes.

The 2017 Infiniti Q60 is a long, low and, thanks to an available 400 horsepower twin turbo V6, very fast luxury sports coupe. Like its older siblings the G35 and G37, the Q60 translates Infiniti’s core sedan, known now as the Q50, into a rakishly attractive two-door GT car. For Canada, the new Q60 is available only in all-wheel drive with three available powerplants, including the aforementioned VR30 400 horsepower V6, as well as a 300 horsepower twin turbo V6 and a two-litre turbo four-cylinder making 208 horsepower. From the 2.0T (with the turbo four) to the top spec Q60 Red Sport, all versions of Infiniti’s latest coupe use a seven-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifting and Infiniti’s Adaptive Shift Control technology.

Boasting a myriad 336 possible calibration variations, Infiniti has fitted the Q60 with its Drive Mode Selector, which offers drivers the opportunity to fine tune their Q60’s road characteristics from standard to sport, sport+, snow, eco, and anything in between. The new Q60 also sports a computer-controlled suspension, which works with the current driving mode to offer additional comfort or, alternatively, a firmer ride in more sporting scenarios. Finally, the Q60 can be optioned with Infiniti’s Direct Adaptive Steering, a fully electronic steering system that allows for faster and smoother steering inputs with less vibration through the steering wheel. Combine all of this technology with a rear-biased, all-wheel drive system that can divert up to 50 per cent of the power to the front wheels, and you’ve got the makings of a consummate sports touring car.

Technology aside, the Q60 is crucial to Infiniti because the G35 and G37 were quite popular not only when new, but also as used cars. These powerful, sporty coupes earned a considerable following among drivers seeking accessible performance and a luxurious interior; now, some years later, it’s not hard to imagine the owner of a well-loved G37 coming back to Infiniti for a Q60.

As Infiniti’s latest halo car, it carries not only all of the cutting-edge tech, but also the brand’s most futuristic design. With tight aggressive styling that manages to look athletic but not overstated, the Q60 is has a wonderful roofline, a modern luxurious interior, and more than enough road presence to turn heads—especially when painted in Dynamic Sunstone Red, a colour that is exclusive to the Q60 Red Sport 400.

While also graced with Infiniti’s modern and dramatic styling, the new QX30 aims for an entirely different sort of buyer. With four doors and a fuel-efficient turbocharged four-cylinder engine, it is Infiniti’s new entry-level model. The luxury crossover market is undeniably hot at the moment, and many brands are beginning to offer smaller and smaller iterations. To wit, the QX30 is some 10 inches shorter than the Q60, despite its two additional doors and over 540 litres of cargo space with the rear seats up.

The QX30 is available in three versions, all of which use the same 208 horsepower, two-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine and seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. The base QX30 is front-wheel-drive, but Infiniti offers an all-wheel-drive version. The 18-inch alloys, Nappa leather, and rearview camera are standard; optional equipment includes all of the usual amenities including Bose audio, Infiniti’s Around View monitor, radar cruise control, and the Infiniti Intouch connected infotainment system. Aimed squarely at metropolitan drivers who want additional practicality and luxury without a considerable increase in fuel consumption and overall dimensions, the QX30 is a nicely sized and handsome crossover that offers a new entry point to the Infiniti family.

With a small city-friendly crossover and a sleek turbocharged sports coupe, it’s clear that Infiniti won’t soon abandon its proven mix of luxury, performance, and everyday practicality.

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Post Date:

September 20, 2016