Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

Sipping experience.

The vast majority of bourbon whiskey is made by blending a large number of barrels of aged whiskey together, the purpose of which is to achieve what we know as a house style. For Knob Creek distillery, this style is generous, deep, and lengthy, resulting in one of the most readily identifiable bourbons on the market. It was first conceived by legendary whiskey-maker Booker Noe, and has maintained its identity right into the present day.

Knob Creek has ventured forth with a new offering, called Single Barrel Reserve, which is almost entirely self-explanatory. It is nine years old, and each bottling comes from a single, one-only barrel of hand-selected whiskey. Each barrel yields approximately 250 bottles, depending on evaporation rates. The Single Barrel Reserve is made at 120 proof, or 60 per cent alcohol, while the regular bottling is finished by diluting it slightly, to 40 per cent.

This whiskey features an abundant nose, redolent of caramel and sweet oak. The rich viscosity does not overwhelm its fine structure, and the finish is lengthy—measured in minutes, not seconds. In this case, the lovely deep colour of the spirit is a reliable indicator of the drink itself. Keep in mind that each barrel—and therefore each bottling—of the Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is unique, different not only from the regular Knob Creek, but distinct also from any subsequent Single Barrel bottlings. You are, in any event, assured a splendid sipping experience.

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Post Date:

November 11, 2016