Unique Grapes

Under the radar.

Kaiken Terroir Series Torrontés ($16) is well worth seeking out. Torrontés is one of Argentina’s native grape varieties, and typically displays a light golden colour, high-level aromatics, and a fairly big, bold mouthfeel. The Kaiken, though, seems to have all of this in spades; it is so well balanced, with vivid peach and floral notes that hint broadly at what follows on the luscious palate. It finishes clean and fresh, making it an ideal wine for your seafood appetizers, or to sip while either pondering the fate of the Toronto Blue Jays, or watching another batch of episodes of Mr. Robot.

Aglianico is not a grape variety overly well known in North America, and in our local wine stores there are only a handful of products available. But among the heedful, and one of the least expensive, is the highly impressive Basilisco Teodosio Aglianico del Vulture ($20). This wine is a marvelous bargain, boasting jammy, vibrant fruit,  great acidity, and a long finish. Aglianico is often associated with ageability, but this bottle is approachable now. Over a dinner for four, we dare you to not have a second bottle at the ready.

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Post Date:

October 5, 2016